ten on ten [sort of]: october 11, 2017

I wanted to do ten on ten this month, but the tenth fell on my work day. And as much as I love my job, a series of photos of my office was not what I had in mind. So I went with the 11th instead. Here’s a glimpse of what happened that day.

6am hour /// New audio book while working onĀ an order for my shop.


7am hour /// Time to diffuse a little peppermint & sweet orange into the air as the kiddos wake up.


8am hour /// Family breakfast time. My happy egg eater. [Bonus: this week we are also enjoying Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s with breakfast].


9am hour /// Walking to school. This is Luke stopping to listen to the thunder we heard along the way. He’s explaining something to Gracie, but I’m not sure what. He’s holding a kleenex to “dry his tears” after a transition meltdown.


10am hour /// My little helper(s). She’s gotten really fast at folding washcloths.


11am hour /// A filling for the little lady. Her second, and they discovered a third cavity while we were there. She loves to brush her teeth, but apparently they are pretty “groovy.” Sigh. This was my childhood as well. Luckily, the place we go is awesome, so she loves going and lays there perfectly for them.


12pm hour /// After dentist treat is her favorite lunch in the world: the individual mac and cheese cups.


1pm hour /// It was an early release day. Almost every day, the first thing he does to unwind after school is play with his beanie babies and stuffies. And yes, they are mine from childhood. I had so many that we actually rotate through them – the kids bring some back and pick out new ones when we go to my parents’ house.


2pm hour /// After Luke gets some alone time, it’s always an intense time of play for these two playmates. It almost always involves rearranging half my house, and it is ever evolving as far as what is actually being imagined. But they play so well together and have so much fun, I just try to take deep breaths and stay out of it.


3pm hour /// After I finished some chores, I took a few minutes to sit in the sun and do some stitching. It was glorious. It’s amazing what I can do now that the kids are a little older – it feels like not that long ago that I could never leave my projects out without little hands getting into them, let alone actually work on something while caring for them.



ten on ten: may 2017

::: 7 o’clock hour :::
I make the kids’ beds every morning as part of my tidying routine. It takes two minutes and is completely worth the bit of joy that I feel in seeing them all neat and orderly… at least for the next ten minutes.


::: 8 o’clock hour :::
My happy little helper.


::: 9 o’clock hour :::
Meal planning. Only 10 days late…


::: 10 o’clock hour :::
Someone likes organizing things. Gotta admit, it warms my heart.


::: 11 o’clock hour :::
My last mothers’ tea with Luke! Not gonna lie, I got a little teary. My sweet boy is growing up.20170510_113248

::: noon hour :::
I’m going to miss having both kids home for lunch when Luke is in kindergarten next year.


::: 1 o’clock hour :::
Luke’s favorite way to decompress after school or other activities is to play with his beanie babies.


::: 2 o’clock hour :::
Working in the yard and inspecting the vegetable garden.


::: 3 o’clock hour :::
A little Spot-It in the sunshine.


::: 5 o’clock hour :::
(because the 4 o’clock hour slipped by in a frenzy of dinner, clean up, and heading out the door)

Luke’s tee-ball game – so fun to watch these little guys play.


ten on ten: march 2017

I haven’t done a ten on ten since before Gracie was born, and I’ve been wanting to get back in the habit. I love looking back and getting a glimpse into what a day looked like in some of the seasons of life I’ve been through. So I was pretty psyched when I remembered this morning that it was the 1oth – and I *almost* made it to the full ten photos, totally forgot after the ninth one!

5:45am ::: Beginning the day by resting in good words, a soft glow, and peaceful quiet.


6:45am ::: The children invited me to play; I hid the beanie birds for them to find (the wings were marked with washi tape so that each kid knew which ones were his/hers).


7:45am ::: A little coloring and planning for the day.


8:45am ::: Gracie often asks to choose CDs for us to play. Excellent choice this morning.


9:45am ::: Sorting through outgrown clothes. There are not enough sad emoticons to convey my sadness at moving out of this stage in life.


11:45am ::: Lunch prep time.


1:45pm ::: Snack time.


2:45pm ::: Gracie keeping herself busy while mama does some work.


3:45pm ::: The dishes that never end.



ten on ten: february 2013

For various reasons, I’ve missed out on doing Ten on Ten the last few months. Yesterday I finally managed to capture our day, which makes me so happy. I love Sundays – Ian is guaranteed to be off work, and we spend the day as a family – sometimes doing a fun activity, but often just enjoying each other at home. Daily tasks and muddy shoes are set aside to be dealt with later, and the focus is on play and rest. We sleep in – and take our time getting ready for the day, since our church doesn’t meet til 5pm – and just enjoy the coziness of our home. Maybe there’s not a lot of action, but it’s always a day well spent.

SEVEN THIRTY: The sun is out and Luke is ready to go see the “peep-peeps.”


EIGHT THIRTY: Family reading time.IMG_6314


TEN THIRTY: Serious tower building session.IMG_6316

ELEVEN THIRTY: The most awesome stick of all time.IMG_6319

TWELVE THIRTY: Mmm, again.IMG_6327

ONE THIRTY: Sweet rest.IMG_6329

TWO THIRTY: Naptime.IMG_6330

THREE THIRTY: I love when light pours in the house, and this day was great for that.IMG_6334

FOUR THIRTY: Time to get ready for church.IMG_6335