snips and stitches and squishy marshmallows

I had plans to get a new item in my etsy shop this weekend, but a bunch of mini bunting orders have kept me busier than I anticipated. But I’m still hoping to get it up in the shop after church tonight – keep an eye out for a felt version of some very sweet, sticky, squishy Easter critters…



5 minute diy fall wreath and a shop giveaway

5 minute DIY fall wreathI have been all over the place with fall decorating this year. I wanted to bring fall into our house early, since I think we may decorate for Christmas earlier than usual (so we can take it down earlier than usual, before baby #2 makes her appearance). But the weather has been so bright and sunny and warm that I just didn’t feel ready to bust out all my fall decorations. So I’ve been adding autumn touches here and there over the last couple weeks, and on Sunday I decided to bust out a little autumn wreath. Sorry for the super lame lighting, but the urge to craft struck before there was any good natural light.

Step 1: grab your supplies – a wreath of whatever style/size you choose, some natural colored coffee filters, and some floral wire.

5 minute DIY fall wreath

Step 2: scrunch a coffee filter to form a flower-like shape, and secure the bottom/base of it by winding some floral wire around it and the wreath.

5 minute DIY fall wreath

Step 3: continue adding coffee filter flowers until you have desired amount (my wreath was small – about 5 inches, so I went with three).

5 minute DIY fall wreath

Step 4: depending on the size of your wreath, the flowers may seem kind of mammoth, like mine. So trim them down so they look right.

5 minute DIY fall wreath

Step 5: embellish! Use some colored twine or yarn to wrap around the top for hanging, and then add whatever little fall tidbits you have. I went with some sweet wooden beads my mother-in-law gave to me when she was cleaning out her closet (70s craft stash = my heaven), but you could do anything – more colored twine wrapped around the wreath, a little fabric bunting, a string of pine cones, some burlap bunting – it’s up to you!

5 minute DIY fall wreath

There you go – a quick little touch of autumn for your home!

Other fun news: Ashley over at Crazy.Simple.Love is hosting a giveaway for one of my mini buntings!

It warms my little heart to see my products used to create a cozy home for people, and Ashley came up with some super fun ways to decorate with my mini buntings. And not only does she do an awesome job at creating a great space for her family (she has 4 super cute kiddos!), but she loves Jesus and is all about sharing encouraging words with others. So check out her blog and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a mini bunting garland of your choice!

happy october and mini buntings galore

Mmm, the arrival of fall! Pumpkin muffins, cozy blankets, comfy boots and dark, quiet mornings. Really, I love each change of season – it seems like a breath of fresh air.


Not a lot is new around our home, we’ve just been adjusting to more of a fall routine. Luke is kind of obsessed with Noah’s ark, so we spend a lot of time playing Noah’s ark, reading various versions of the story, singing songs about the ark, and speculating about what animals might have gotten on the ark first. I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of any of this, I feel like I spend at least half my day talking about this subject.

We are gearing up to rearrange Luke’s room and get him settled into a toddler bed before little sister moves into his room in a few months. I’m excited for him to have a slightly different space, and I’m hoping it will kick-start some nesting instincts so that I can start preparing for baby’s arrival. I’ve been feeling great, growing bigger and I spend at least a few minutes every day in complete awe and thankfulness that our family is going to be growing soon!

In other news, I just added a bunch of fun new mini buntings to my etsy shop!

I just love these little mini buntings, and fall mornings are the perfect time to work on them. My party mini buntings have been pretty popular, so I’m hoping some of these fun fall garlands will find their way into some good homes.

Happy fall everyone!

diy cupcake liner flowers

DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers

I figured I’m really overdue in posting about my crafting endeavors, so I thought I’d share about these sweet little flowers I made last Saturday.

I love having fresh flowers in the house, but we’re still months away from any cutting flowers growing in our garden. When I came upon some cute yellow polka dot cupcake liners for $1, I decided I could make my own flowers to brighten up our dining room.

This whole project probably took about 15 minutes, and it was started and finished while Luke was coloring and playing with stickers, so I was kind of figuring it out on the fly and using what I could easily grab.



  • cupcake liners
  • felt (or fabric/paper and drinking straws)
  • glue
  • floral wire
  • scissors

IMG_6391The first step is to take two liners. Flip one inside out – so the pretty part is on the inside – and stick it in the other one. It gives it a double-sided look and some fullness.


Then just pinch the middle together to form a point.


For the felt, I just used some triangle shaped scraps I had (like I said, I was working fast!). They were about 7 inches tall, and the bottom edge was about 3 inches wide. They made for pretty short flowers, so I’d cut a taller triangle if I was actually cutting out a piece – at least 10 inches. You could also use other fabric or scrapbook paper, you’d just need to wrap it around something like a drinking straw. The felt is thick enough that it forms a good stem simply by wrapping around itself.


Okay, so take the narrow tip of your felt and wrap it around the point of your cupcake liners. It might be super helpful to have something like a glue gun, but I made it work. Make sure you grab enough of the liners to get a good hold on it, then tightly wrap the floral wire around both the felt and the liners. Don’t worry too much if your liners are getting a little wrinkled, because they’ll unfold and cover that part up.


Once you’ve gotten it started, just keep twisting the wire around the stem, and keep twisting the felt around itself.


The stem will get thicker as you work downwards, since it’s cut in a triangle shape. The wire makes it sturdy but bendable.


Now it’s time for the center. Take another cupcake liner and squish it into another point.


Unfold the base flower that’s already attached to the stem and add a dab of glue (again, hot glue would be super helpful). I just squished and pinched until it felt secure.


Unfurl and primp and do what you need to do to make it look pretty! Make a few more and you have a sweet little bouquet that won’t go bad in a few days!

You could totally try making all kinds of flowers – I stuck with the one inner bloom because I thought they looked a bit like daffodils. But you could fill them out more and try all sorts of variations!

IMG_6403Makes me excited for spring.

Speaking of spring, I’ve added a few spring-y things to my etsy shop, like this fun mini bunting garland.

The bright colors just cheer me up.

Happy flower making!


making a cozy home


::: home is wherever I’m with you :::

One of my goals for the new year was to add more artwork and decor to our walls – to fill blank spaces with things that reflect who we are as a family and that make our house feel like a cozy home. I think it’s people who make a house a home, and how a home looks and feels should reflect the people that live there.

As I shared my vision with Ian, he got this tight, frozen smile that means that somehow I’ve made him nervous. And while we are usually 95% on the same page when it comes to style and decor, turns out that he doesn’t want every square inch of our walls covered in stuff. Huh.

Well, that was never actually my plan. But there were blank spaces that made me feel unsettled. We put so much time into fixing our house that the wall decor was the very last thing on our list. And then just as we were about to get to it, our little Luke was born. And so we spent his first year staring at him, not the walls.

But a few months ago I started noticing it again – the lack of “us-ness” in certain areas. So I’ve been slowly working on cozy-ing the place up, and to me it makes all the difference.

Some things were investments – a canvas and some prints from our family photo shoot last summer.


Other things were DIY – Luke got a magnet board for Christmas (stainless steel fridge = no fun for kiddos).


My heart is warmed by fun, organizational additions, like our DIY family whiteboard calendar.


One of our bedroom walls finally came alive with this DIY collage wall (yes, that is LOTS of Luke, but we plan to change out photos here and there… and for the record, it was Ian who couldn’t limit himself when choosing pics of his boy).


Even little nooks like the one outside Luke’s room have warmed up.

::: felt flower hoop art available in my shop :::

::: felt flower hoop art available in my shop :::

So I’m feeling a lot more coziness in our home with just these little changes. There are still spaces I want to fill (and spaces I will leave alone, for Ian’s sake!), but I’m happy with our home.

Speaking of adding little tidbits to brighten up your home, you should head over to my shop – I’ve added some new items that are perfect for making homes more cozy.

What are your plans for your home this year? How will you make it more of a reflection or yourself or your family?

craft show update and our little raccoon

Man, the days keep passing at lightning speed! I’m not even sure where the last week went, but here we are.

First off, I had a blast at my first craft show! It was really fun to set up my space and have people check out my stuff – and even more fun when they would buy my little creations! I wasn’t sure if I’d like the whole craft show scene, but it turned out to be really fun. Thanks to everyone who came out to support me! I’m even thinking about hitting up another show this season, we’ll see. Here’s a shot of my table.

little tidbits of joy

Getting ready for this thing was quite a task. I am pretty sure that this was the most challenging time to take on such a thing in Luke’s development thus far. He’s growing like crazy and learning new things every day, which is so fun to see. He has so much energy and enthusiasm that he’s not exactly at a stage where I can work on my crafts with him, so any crafting needed to happen during his sleeping hours or when a grandparent was watching him. It’s a balancing act, and I am absolutely loving this season of life, so I wouldn’t change a thing. (Well, if I could add extra sleep hours in, that would be amazing….)

I still have tons of ideas to work on, so I’m excited to keep crafting and looking for more opportunities to sell my creations. I’m still in the process of spiffing up my etsy shop, but I’ve already made a sale, so that’s pretty rad. I’m psyched to get more items up for sale in it soon too!

I realized I never put up a Halloween photo of Luke in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the show. When my mom and I stumbled upon a $5 raccoon costume a month ago, I decided that was reason enough not to make Luke’s costume this year – love raccoons, love a good deal. And that was a wise choice, seeing as Luke came down with a cold on Halloween so we didn’t really do any trick or treating or parties. We did head over to Evantide Photography for their annual Halloween kids’ photo shoot to raise money for the local homeless shelter. I love seeing other kids’ costumes, and my fave was a homemade pinata costume – it was amazing! Ask Ian, I’m still talking about it.

Anyways, back to our little raccoon. We weren’t sure if he’d even stand still for a shot, but he stood there looking confused as to what was going on. Then he spotted his little friend Grant, and Grant’s dad Aaron, who was taking the photos. So we got a little smile after all.

He’s grown so much since he was a little owl last year, huh?! I miss all that baby chubbiness!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. I am *hoping* to be back for ten on ten tomorrow, but the day involves a home improvement project and an afternoon with friends, so we’ll see. Happy weekend!