our little chatterbox

IMG_7425Luke talks. A lot.

This morning, he woke up a little earlier than he should, so I sat on the bed and tried to get him settled back to sleep. In about two minutes, he rattled off the following conversation:

“Luke, do you want me to tuck you in?”

“I want daddy to tuck me in.”

“Daddy’s already at work.”

“Daddy’s at work? He’ll be back soon. Who’s coming over? Is opa coming? Opa will come back soon.”

“Opa’s coming next Tuesday.”

“Tuesday. Someday. Opa’s coming on Tuesday, and he’s going to play with me. He’s going to play with me. He’s going to play… barn! He’s going to play barn with me. With the horse and the sheep and the pig and the cows and the bull. The cows and the bull! The cows and the bull! What’s the bull doing? What’s the bull doing there? Oh, man. Opa’s going to come and play with me and the cows and the bull.

What’s that? Did someone toot? Mama, did you toot?”

“No, that was my stomach rumbling.”

“Rumbling? Rumble bumble jumble. Rumble bumble rumble bumble rumble bumble. Rumble bumble dumble. Dumble. Dumble. Dumbo. Dumbo! Dumbo! Dumbo is a BIG elephant! Dumbo!

I’m a baby! I’m a little baby, aaaww. Or am I a big boy? I’m a big boy baby. I’m going to play horses! Horses and elephant. Big elephant! You seen my big elephant? Please I get my elephant? I’m going to ask daddy, and daddy’s going to find it with me. Someday. My elephant book! Please I read my elephant book from the library?”

Around that point, I realized that this kid was not going back to sleep. Not only that, but he’d probably already spoken more words than I would in the next few hours. It’s so fun to hear what is going on in his world, but so crazy how much comes out of his little mouth!


it must be spring

That’s my excuse for being absent from this little corner of the internet.

Half of you just want to see photos of Luke, so I’ll get that taken care of right now…

Yep, he’s still a happy camper. Mama is going through a bit of a “he’s growing up so fast!” panic, so baby boy may be getting extra snuggles and cuddles at the slightest whimper.

So for the other half of you that are hoping to hear about my latest crafting endeavors… well, you’ll just have to hold tight. I am on the cusp of finishing this incredibly awesome project for Luke – I’m so happy with how it’s turning out! So stay tuned for the reveal.

And what about the project I mentioned last time? Oh, as predicted, it quickly took a turn and spiraled into a huge undertaking. I’d say I’m about 10% finished. Yay.

What else have we been up to? Dealing with 5 yards of compost (okay, that’s all Ian – I’ve only pulled a few weeds here and there), planting some of our veggies, and getting the yard cleaned up when it’s sunny (or at least not completely soggy). I also took action on my obsession to make crockpot yogurt. More on that later.

Ian and I have also been discussing painting our shed (I know – why would we even think of covering up that pale pinkish awesomeness?!). As often happens with these conversations, it spiraled into trying to find a paint color for the eventual painting of our whole house. Of course this happened after our bedtime, when our judgment isn’t at its peak. The next thing I know, we’re using one of those useless paint preview programs where you upload a photo and play around with different colors. This is the photo we uploaded:

I then spent the next ten minutes snickering about the awkward/creepy Ian in the window. We don’t even know what’s going on with this picture – is he kneeling? sitting right up against the window? We may never know.

On that note, I’ll wrap this up. I hope you are enjoying springtime as much as we are!

eleven things on the eleventh

11 things on my mind today…

1. Jon Foreman’s Spring is my album of the moment.
Your Love is Strong is the song I play over and over and over.

2.  A trip to Value Village secured the goods I needed to begin yet another craft endeavor – hopefully a simple project, but it has the potential to go awry.
{follow up post to come, hopefully as soon as this weekend!}

3. People watching at Costco always amuses me. Fave quote of the day: “Why did you lie to daddy about biting your arm?”

4. All Luke wants to do is be assisted in standing up.

5. When he’s not standing up (okay, and sometimes when he is), he’s eating cheerios. I’m pretty sure he would eat an entire box if given the opportunity.

6. Our church has officially been around for 3 years, and our launch team was meeting together even before that. Crazy! It feels like we’ve been together awhile, but 3 years seems to have flown by!

7. When we decided to adopt, we knew we would be open to a baby of any racial background. What I didn’t expect was that our baby would be translucent. Seriously, who knew you could even be more pale than Ian and I?!

Photo Credit: Evantide Photography

8. Did I mention that Luke and I discovered a giant slide at a nearby playground?
I was super pumped, but Luke was very casual about the whole thing. He was more intrigued by the rusty bolt and gravel at the top of the slide. Of course.

9. I’m thankful that we were able to find a rug to go in Lukey’s room! Much better than laminate for a little guy that’s trying to be mobile.

10. Luke is 10 months old. Insane.

11. I can’t stop laughing about this photo. The bunny ears belong to Luke’s older cousin Wes, who is obviously old enough to run away from anyone trying to stick those ears on him.

projects, projects, projects (or confessions of an istj)

I like being an ISTJ. (I’m talking about the Myers-Briggs, here folks). I am a strong J. I like to have decisions made, I like a logical sequence and plan in completing projects, and I like to get things DONE.

Whenever I talk about the Myers-Briggs to people, I try to stress that these personality types are just tendencies or preferences – it’s not a box that every part of you fits into perfectly.

Occasionally I remember to give myself that talk.

The truth is, I almost always have multiple craft projects going on in my life these days, despite my usual preference to work on one project at a time.

Even as a little girl, I was big into playing with one thing at a time. I would haul all my Barbies out and play with them intensely for a week. Then I would pack them up, put them away, and set up my Legos to play with for the next week. I liked keeping things neat and separate and complete, so I could focus my attention on one thing at a time.

So how did I end up with a half finished project for Luke, a newly started crocheted blanket (that will probably take me YEARS to complete, even if it was my only project), a partly finished project for a friend, an almost-done recycled t-shirt bib, material cut out for a purse pattern, a whole pile of old t-shirts to turn into cleaning rags – not to mention that inspiration for a new project strikes me literally every day?

It messes with me sometimes, I admit. But it’s also good for me – it helps keep my creativity and passion for each project fresh. If I’m sick of crocheting the same stitches over and over, I can switch to embroidering instead of pressing on and not enjoying it.

Still… sometimes I long for the single-minded dedication to one project. But with a kiddo and work and life, honestly I’m just happy to get any crafting done that I can.

What about you – are you a multi-project person or do you stick with one project until it’s done?

happy tidbits

Oh man. There are so many things that gave me extra smiles today.

1. Tomorrow is leap day! That doesn’t happen every year, you know.

2. I get to see / have seen a bunch of friends this week – friends that I don’t get to see often.

3. Super fun news from other friends.

4. Baby sunglasses.
The sun made a legit appearance in our backyard yesterday, and Luke was pleased.

5. My husband often makes the bed after I leave for work. How great is he?

6. Meal planning. Call me crazy, but I love being domestic. And organized.
March planning, look out!

7. This hilarious dish soap Ian found for me. I really love the Palmolive Pure + Clear, and Ian found it at Deals Only for cheap a long time ago and stocked up. Finally we ran out and I asked him to look for more. He came home with a couple bottles of this stuff, and it really makes me laugh. It is actually really similar to Pure + Clear, so I love it, but I find it hilarious that they market special “baby” soap. As if normal dish soap doesn’t work on “milk and food residue.”

8. My piano, and the fact that baby boo loves it so much. He pretty much insists on playing it every night before dinner. His favorite method is to grab my pointer fingers and play single keys with them. He has even played a scale. Musical genius, I tell you.

What made you smile today?