making a cozy home


::: home is wherever I’m with you :::

One of my goals for the new year was to add more artwork and decor to our walls – to fill blank spaces with things that reflect who we are as a family and that make our house feel like a cozy home. I think it’s people who make a house a home, and how a home looks and feels should reflect the people that live there.

As I shared my vision with Ian, he got this tight, frozen smile that means that somehow I’ve made him nervous. And while we are usually 95% on the same page when it comes to style and decor, turns out that he doesn’t want every square inch of our walls covered in stuff. Huh.

Well, that was never actually my plan. But there were blank spaces that made me feel unsettled. We put so much time into fixing our house that the wall decor was the very last thing on our list. And then just as we were about to get to it, our little Luke was born. And so we spent his first year staring at him, not the walls.

But a few months ago I started noticing it again – the lack of “us-ness” in certain areas. So I’ve been slowly working on cozy-ing the place up, and to me it makes all the difference.

Some things were investments – a canvas and some prints from our family photo shoot last summer.


Other things were DIY – Luke got a magnet board for Christmas (stainless steel fridge = no fun for kiddos).


My heart is warmed by fun, organizational additions, like our DIY family whiteboard calendar.


One of our bedroom walls finally came alive with this DIY collage wall (yes, that is LOTS of Luke, but we plan to change out photos here and there… and for the record, it was Ian who couldn’t limit himself when choosing pics of his boy).


Even little nooks like the one outside Luke’s room have warmed up.

::: felt flower hoop art available in my shop :::

::: felt flower hoop art available in my shop :::

So I’m feeling a lot more coziness in our home with just these little changes. There are still spaces I want to fill (and spaces I will leave alone, for Ian’s sake!), but I’m happy with our home.

Speaking of adding little tidbits to brighten up your home, you should head over to my shop – I’ve added some new items that are perfect for making homes more cozy.

What are your plans for your home this year? How will you make it more of a reflection or yourself or your family?


like the shore and the sea

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but there’s this guy I’m kind of crazy about.

Sentimental side note: this photo was taken in the coffee shop / bookstore where we had our first date.

We just celebrated six years of marriage, and it seriously gets better every year. He’s the best listener, is super supportive of me in so many ways, makes me laugh, is such a sweet dad, and he’s also pretty manly:

Hilarious side note: I happened upon this picture in iPhoto while looking for something else – Ian had put it alone in its own album titled “Ian Conquered the Stump!”

Anyways, he is pretty much the best and I am so thankful for our marriage and love for each other. My most recent craft endeavor is a reflection and reminder of that love.

It started to bother me  that we have so many bare walls in our bedroom, so when inspiration struck in the form of a Jon Foreman song last spring, I decided to go for it and create some wall art!

And then… life happened. Luke happened. And I started the project (way back here) and it sat for awhile. And then last week, I just made up my mind to bust it out. So I did. It took a couple re-directions, but I’m very pleased with the end result:

I think the total cost was around $5… garage sale & dollar store frames + stuff I had on hand. I printed out the text on cardstock using a font I found, then cut out the letters with an exacto knife. I originally thought I might just use the stencil to print the letters, but it ended up being too stark… so what you actually see are the stencils themselves, painted maroonish and mounted on brown cardstock. Yeah. Whatever works, right?

The lyrics are taken from Jon Foreman’s song “In My Arms.” I really like his seasons albums.

I love making our home more and more our own! What could you add to your home decor to reflect you or your family?