grace for those crazy moments

It was one of those afternoons where things seemed to unravel quickly – mentally, at least.

It started with an accidental 10 minute nap in the car (Luke, not me).

That + teething  + a messy diaper right as he seemed to be drifting off to sleep + diaper rash  + over-tiredness = bad nap situation.

My patience faded fast. I had looked forward to the afternoon together – some good playtime on the floor, maybe a walk.
But this non-nap was taking over the whole afternoon.

After walking him around for awhile, I decided that maybe we should just forget about it and play. I could put him in the ergo for a nap later.

As soon as I set him down, his face crumpled and I knew he was saying “mama, I just need you to tough this out with me.”

So we walked some more, and soon he was sleeping peacefully. Not in his crib, and not for super long. But he relaxed in my arms and stretched out on the couch and he slept for just enough.

It’s those silly, frustrating moments that get to me. My mind can never stay with the situation at hand – sure, he was crying and over-tired, but it was only going to last for a little while. But my mind is waaay past that – “if I can barely handle one kiddo, how could I ever handle more?,” “This whole day is shot!,” and my personal favorite: “let me think of every.single.thing in my life that I can stress about right now.”

And you know what? As I watched Luke breathe deeply and sweetly, I realized – no, I probably can’t “handle it” on my own, and yes, the day could be a disaster if I let it, and sure, there are things that are stressing me.

But there is grace upon grace upon grace.

And that is what I need to cling to in those crazy moments.

(and let me state for the record, those moments are not many – we hit the jackpot with our amazingly content little man)

I love that God is patient with us in these moments, and thankful that he calmed my heart so that I could enjoy watching my son sleep, knowing that both of us are covered in lots of grace.

I’m linking up to the Found project on  Beautifully Rooted, a new blog that I’ve really been enjoying – it’s full of encouragement, craftiness and truth. They are hosting a weekly link-up called Found where you can share a photo of how you have found God in everyday life, and this is their first week!