muffin monday: apple cinnamon muffins

One of the things I love about fall in the PNW is our super yummy apples. We always go apple picking, and I put them up as applesauce, dried apples, and apple butter. We also get a big bucket purely for eating, and I decided I better hit it up for some apple muffins before they completely disappeared.

A friend sent me this recipe, and I’ll admit that I was reluctant to try it because it was a bit more work than I typically feel like tackling at 6:30am on a Monday morning. Alas, it sounded so good that I couldn’t resist. And they were SO good!


I didn’t adjust the recipe at all, I totally embraced it in all its butter and sugar-filled glory. And it was pretty much apple pie in a muffin. Or a cross between apple pie and coffee cake. Luke thought the apples “looked so gross” while cooking, but in the end he tried to sneak a third muffin because they were so yummy. Thanks for a great recipe, Morgan!



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