ten on ten: may 2017

::: 7 o’clock hour :::
I make the kids’ beds every morning as part of my tidying routine. It takes two minutes and is completely worth the bit of joy that I feel in seeing them all neat and orderly… at least for the next ten minutes.


::: 8 o’clock hour :::
My happy little helper.


::: 9 o’clock hour :::
Meal planning. Only 10 days late…


::: 10 o’clock hour :::
Someone likes organizing things. Gotta admit, it warms my heart.


::: 11 o’clock hour :::
My last mothers’ tea with Luke! Not gonna lie, I got a little teary. My sweet boy is growing up.20170510_113248

::: noon hour :::
I’m going to miss having both kids home for lunch when Luke is in kindergarten next year.


::: 1 o’clock hour :::
Luke’s favorite way to decompress after school or other activities is to play with his beanie babies.


::: 2 o’clock hour :::
Working in the yard and inspecting the vegetable garden.


::: 3 o’clock hour :::
A little Spot-It in the sunshine.


::: 5 o’clock hour :::
(because the 4 o’clock hour slipped by in a frenzy of dinner, clean up, and heading out the door)

Luke’s tee-ball game – so fun to watch these little guys play.



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