ten on ten: march 2017

I haven’t done a ten on ten since before Gracie was born, and I’ve been wanting to get back in the habit. I love looking back and getting a glimpse into what a day looked like in some of the seasons of life I’ve been through. So I was pretty psyched when I remembered this morning that it was the 1oth – and I *almost* made it to the full ten photos, totally forgot after the ninth one!

5:45am ::: Beginning the day by resting in good words, a soft glow, and peaceful quiet.


6:45am ::: The children invited me to play; I hid the beanie birds for them to find (the wings were marked with washi tape so that each kid knew which ones were his/hers).


7:45am ::: A little coloring and planning for the day.


8:45am ::: Gracie often asks to choose CDs for us to play. Excellent choice this morning.


9:45am ::: Sorting through outgrown clothes. There are not enough sad emoticons to convey my sadness at moving out of this stage in life.


11:45am ::: Lunch prep time.


1:45pm ::: Snack time.


2:45pm ::: Gracie keeping herself busy while mama does some work.


3:45pm ::: The dishes that never end.




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