a little house project

We’ve been in our house for 7.5 years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever wished to go back to that first year of remodeling. Literally an entire year without a kitchen (we used a toaster oven, microwave, crockpot, and electric wok in our laundry room – the fridge was in our living room) and constant dust and mess and upheaval.

But enough time has passed that I’m starting to get itchy for little cosmetic changes. This weekend we tackled an area that has bothered me for a long time – the little entertainment center nook in our living room.


{This photo is from back in 2010, but the walls are as blank now as they were then}

The back wall has always been empty (minus seasonal Christmas decorations) and just blah. It’s a kind of an odd space, and it just always felt lacking, but we didn’t really know what to do with it. Well, we finally decided to give the back wall a little facelift, and we love how it turned out!


We got a couple sheets of 1/4″ birch plywood and had them rip 6″ planks right in the store. We used two different stains – a base coat of weathered gray, followed by a coat of dark walnut – to get them the color that we wanted. Then we cut those puppies down to size and nailed them up on the wall. A couple coats of polyurethane to seal the deal and the wall was done.

The whole family loves it when we have Christmas lights up in the nook, so we decided that we wanted to make little patio globe lights part of our new look. The lighting that it provides is perfect, and it’s just the cozy feel we were going for. If you come over, you can find out how we turn them on and off. 🙂

Next on the list is for Ian to build us a new entertainment center, as this 11-year old IKEA model is pretty worn out (and broken). After that, we’ll figure out what sort of decor we might add to the wall, but for now we’ll enjoy this simple look. It was fun to have a small project to work on – especially in the space where we spend most of our time. I love it!




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