these days

This is a lovely season for me, this mostly stay-at-home-mom season. Of course there are days that I wish I could escape to a full-time job, and usually my one full office day each week feels like a mini-vacation. But even in the midst of tending to the endless needs of tiny ones and the messes they create, I feel content and happy in this season.

Sometimes I go through days where it feels like nothing has been accomplished, and I’ve had no personal space to breathe. But other days – like yesterday – it is a perfect mix of all the things that bring me joy.

Yesterday morning, while Luke was at preschool, Gracie took a long nap (she prefers to nap while he’s gone – I think that she likes knowing that she won’t miss out on any fun! And it’s a win for me, since it means an easier bedtime later.) – and I had a blissful time to myself. I listened to Sara Groves while getting my “real job” work done, then I had time to finish up an order for my Etsy shop. Productive, quiet, life-giving time. I was so thankful.

I admit that during that time, I wondered what my afternoon would hold – sometimes God gives me those glorious pockets of alone time or an unexpected nap, and it turns out that I really needed that gift in order to survive the challenging day ahead. But you know what? The afternoon was pretty blissful too; the sun was beautiful and we were out in the yard all day. I accomplished so much weeding and yard work while the kids happily entertained themselves. All the “Mommy! Look what I can do! Watch this!” and “Worm! Biiiiiig! Daddy worm!” were sweet little reminders to look up from the task at hand.


Those beautiful, perfect days have a way of nestling themselves right in my heart so that I can revisit them on the tough days. I am so thankful for this season in our family.


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