our little chatterbox

IMG_7425Luke talks. A lot.

This morning, he woke up a little earlier than he should, so I sat on the bed and tried to get him settled back to sleep. In about two minutes, he rattled off the following conversation:

“Luke, do you want me to tuck you in?”

“I want daddy to tuck me in.”

“Daddy’s already at work.”

“Daddy’s at work? He’ll be back soon. Who’s coming over? Is opa coming? Opa will come back soon.”

“Opa’s coming next Tuesday.”

“Tuesday. Someday. Opa’s coming on Tuesday, and he’s going to play with me. He’s going to play with me. He’s going to play… barn! He’s going to play barn with me. With the horse and the sheep and the pig and the cows and the bull. The cows and the bull! The cows and the bull! What’s the bull doing? What’s the bull doing there? Oh, man. Opa’s going to come and play with me and the cows and the bull.

What’s that? Did someone toot? Mama, did you toot?”

“No, that was my stomach rumbling.”

“Rumbling? Rumble bumble jumble. Rumble bumble rumble bumble rumble bumble. Rumble bumble dumble. Dumble. Dumble. Dumbo. Dumbo! Dumbo! Dumbo is a BIG elephant! Dumbo!

I’m a baby! I’m a little baby, aaaww. Or am I a big boy? I’m a big boy baby. I’m going to play horses! Horses and elephant. Big elephant! You seen my big elephant? Please I get my elephant? I’m going to ask daddy, and daddy’s going to find it with me. Someday. My elephant book! Please I read my elephant book from the library?”

Around that point, I realized that this kid was not going back to sleep. Not only that, but he’d probably already spoken more words than I would in the next few hours. It’s so fun to hear what is going on in his world, but so crazy how much comes out of his little mouth!


3 thoughts on “our little chatterbox

  1. His stream-of-consciousness ramblings are almost Beat-like – perhaps like a cross between Allen Ginsberg’s poem “America” and Aron Dunlap’s lyrics on “Old Ez Takes the Crazy Train.”

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