catching up


Our little family at our church’s annual Easter egg hunt.

Wow, over a month has gone by since I’ve written in this space. I guess it was just the time of year – end of winter, Lent – when I tend to tuck into myself and my home a little more. But new life is all around, and it’s time to catch up a little.


His little smile just melts me! (Also, he does have a diaper on in this pic, he’s not nakers!)

The biggest news around here isn’t really news, it’s just life – Luke is growing like crazy. Not so much physically (though I’m sure he’s grown a bit that way too, with all he eats), but in all the things he’s learning.

He kept putting eggs in other kids' baskets, too funny!

He kept putting eggs in other kids’ baskets, too funny!

His vocabulary is exploding, and he learns and uses several new words each day. It’s a little sad to hear him replace his baby words for more accurate pronunciations – “dol-dol” has recently become “dolphin,” and he’s started saying “dog,” so I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be using “pup-pup.” But it is so fun to hear him pick up on new words, and he is clearly proud of himself when he is able to say what he wants to say.

Showing his beloved orca and dolphin a bigger orca.

Showing his beloved orca and dolphin a bigger orca.

It’s so interesting to watch him pick up on the different uses of words – he knows that “help” can mean running to get his broom to assist me in cleaning up the dining room floor, as well as a request for me to get something for him that’s out of his reach. He usually says “help” very sweetly, along with “hand” when he wants to hold your hand or needs a little support getting down some steps. Warms my heart.


He is also always.on.the.move. One of his favorite phrases is “run-run!,” which he generally shouts quite loudly. He runs circles around our kitchen – an activity that is especially fun if daddy chases and tickles him. He loves playgrounds, especially if there are other kids to follow around and smile at. Even though it’s still cold out, we’ve hauled out his splash table for him to play with on sunny afternoons. He loves being outdoors, so summer should be a lot of fun for him.


Animals and books are still his favorite things. He has a bunch of little squirt toy animals that he plays with all the time. He especially loves “feeding” them (no surprise there). Sometimes we’ll line them up and I’ll ask him to point to different animals, and he asks to do that “‘gin!” and again. “‘Gin” is also a common request/demand for books – especially Curious George. He loves books about animals and a book called Jamberry, which he simply refers to as “Jam.”

Sorry it's blurry - he was feeding the kitty some hay.

Sorry it’s blurry – he was feeding the kitty some hay.

On the less pleasant side of development, we’ve definitely entered into the tantrum stage. He’s stubborn (hmm, like both his parents…), so if we aren’t walking in just the right direction or doing exactly what he wants, he breaks down and tries to exercise some control. And LOUDLY. We’re trying to be consistent and just walk through this stage of development with him. It’s actually improved a little over the last few weeks, and “bedroom time” seems to really help him when he throws a fit while we’re at home. He’s been known to walk himself to his room and shut the door, now that it’s pretty routine when he’s upset. I think he actually appreciates the opportunity to calm down by himself, in the company of his “night-night” (lovey blanket), of course.

(He was mad because I didn't let him see the photo on the camera after taking the picture)

(He was mad because I didn’t let him see the photo on the camera after taking the picture)

But mostly, it is a lot of good times around here. Exhausting for us sometimes – it’s like I can visualize this full tank of energy Luke has on his back, and my goal is to run it down to empty before naptime and bedtime each day! Our little dude eats like a kid more than twice his age, and he’s pretty slim, so you know he’s burning tons of energy each day. Praise the Lord for nicer weather and lots of parks to explore!


Luke is such a joy and a blessing in our lives, and it’s crazy to think that he turns TWO in less than two months!


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