ten on ten: february 2013

For various reasons, I’ve missed out on doing Ten on Ten the last few months. Yesterday I finally managed to capture our day, which makes me so happy. I love Sundays – Ian is guaranteed to be off work, and we spend the day as a family – sometimes doing a fun activity, but often just enjoying each other at home. Daily tasks and muddy shoes are set aside to be dealt with later, and the focus is on play and rest. We sleep in – and take our time getting ready for the day, since our church doesn’t meet til 5pm – and just enjoy the coziness of our home. Maybe there’s not a lot of action, but it’s always a day well spent.

SEVEN THIRTY: The sun is out and Luke is ready to go see the “peep-peeps.”


EIGHT THIRTY: Family reading time.IMG_6314


TEN THIRTY: Serious tower building session.IMG_6316

ELEVEN THIRTY: The most awesome stick of all time.IMG_6319

TWELVE THIRTY: Mmm, again.IMG_6327

ONE THIRTY: Sweet rest.IMG_6329

TWO THIRTY: Naptime.IMG_6330

THREE THIRTY: I love when light pours in the house, and this day was great for that.IMG_6334

FOUR THIRTY: Time to get ready for church.IMG_6335


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