when daddy gets home

Ian works a few different shifts at work, so some weeks he gets home as early as 2pm, other weeks as late as after 9pm. Our favorite shifts are the ones where he makes it home before Luke goes to bed. A certain little boy especially enjoys those weeks.


If I haven’t gotten a text from Ian saying that he’s running late, I’ll casually say something like “I bet daddy will be home soon” when I know that Ian will probably be arriving fairly soon. Upon hearing that, Luke will run to the piano room and climb up on the couch, chanting “da-da” very seriously.


(Yeah, he does literally run).

He’ll wait there, jumping around on the couch, looking out the window with wide eyes, as patiently as he can.


If I hear a car go by, I’ll ask “is that daddy?” to which he’ll say in his sweet little voice, “no.” (And trust me, he doesn’t always say that word very sweetly).


When Ian does pull into the driveway, Luke will let out several loud “da-da!”s before being completely overcome with excitement. By the time Ian walks up to the window, Luke is just grinning and pointing in the direction of the front door, in case dad needs a reminder of where he should go.IMG_6081

I know it won’t be long until he is chattering away, telling me more about what he is doing and thinking all the time. I’m enjoying these special moments where he can’t fully communicate with words what he is feeling or thinking, but expresses it so sweetly through his body language and actions.


One of the things I love most about his little personality is how excited he gets about things – I hope that he continues to be expressive as he grows and develops; he brings such joy and delight to the people around him, especially his mama and dada.



4 thoughts on “when daddy gets home

  1. I get teary eyed at this! Isabella rolls her 2 1/2 yr old eyes and says “Don’t cry Momma!” =) My response: Well, it is just so sweet.

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