happy 2013 (and holiday recap)

Happy new year! Our year is off to a fine start, and I hope yours is as well. I had a great Christmas / birthday / anniversary, and it’s always a little sad to return to the daily normal after all those festivities. That and the fact that Ian was on vacation for a week and a half. Little boy is missing his daddy today too.

This Christmas season was really fun with Luke – he is at such a great stage. Yes, there are tantrums and crazy moments and lots of needs, but he is developing a little boy personality and is starting to communicate so much better. He is learning new words every day, but his favorites are always animals – “dol-dol” for dolphin, “pup-pup” for puppy, and “orca” (yes, as in orca whales… I swear I did not push him into this marine mammal obsession, he developed it himself). It’s so fun how he turns his new words into games – he likes to say “stuck” and pretend that he’s stuck somehow, or pretend to go “night-night” on anything and everything. He loves to make people laugh, and he’s picking up on the fact that language is very effective at getting the attention and response that he’s looking for.

Anyways, back to Christmas. We enjoyed the anticipation of the advent season by doing several different advent calendars each evening. Luke loved this tradition again this year. Here he is last year and this year…


We had lots of fun doing Christmas-y things, like making cookies, making some rice-filled neck warmers for Christmas gifts, and playing Christmas songs on the piano.


Of course, there were also moments of general Christmas cheer…


…as well as awkward moments where the camera timer goes off before you’re ready…


But all in all, it was a great Christmas. Wishing you all a great 2013, from our family to yours!



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