running through the pumpkin patch

We headed over to Bellewood Acres a couple weeks ago to pick out our pumpkin and some apples. Last year Luke fell asleep during this trip, this year he wouldn’t stop running! Bellewood changed its location, which was a little sad to us – now they have a huge market and restaurant area, but the farm just isn’t as homey as their old one. Nevertheless, Luke was super excited to be there and run up and down the rows of pumpkins. Here are some photos from our time there.


Seriously, he ran the entire time.

…with the occasional break to excitedly point to various pumpkins.

Me and my little man. Such a big boy now.

My boys. Love them.

He loved all the colors and textures.

It was a fun family outing.

I’ll be back later this week with some exciting news, stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “running through the pumpkin patch

  1. Great Photos! I love the colors of fall! I miss your face, come have coffee…I think Luke’s face changes since I saw him 2 weeks ago…

  2. AUGH!! How can you taunt me with exciting news????!!!! You know patience is NOT one of my virtues!!

    Also… Luke is SO CUTE!! Oh man, such a grown-up boy!
    Miss you!

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