luke’s birthday book

fabric photo birthday book
Yeah, I know – Luke’s birthday was over three months ago… Sometimes it just takes me awhile to get around to posting things. Today is actually a special day for our family: the one year anniversary of Luke’s adoption finalization! So it’s fun to have a Luke-centered post (wait… aren’t most of them these days?!).

One of my favorite bloggers and authors is Amanda Soule. I love how crafty she is, and I especially love how she works to instill a spirit of creativity in her family. Her youngest daughter is only a couple weeks older than Luke, and she happened to blog about the fabric birthday book that she made for her.

I read that post when it was less than two weeks until Luke’s birthday. I pondered it. I realized that my boy would LOVE that – at that particular stage, he loved books and his absolute favorite thing in the world was seeing photos of himself.

fabric birthday book

I had a lot going on in those two weeks, but heck, Amanda Soule whipped hers out the night before her daughter’s birthday – why couldn’t I?

I’ll tell you why: a) I am not Amanda Soule. b) I do not possess the sewing skills at even half the level that she does. c) I care too much about my husband to go completely crazy.

So I only went a little crazy. I did do most of the prep – chose the photos, wrote the captions, bought the fabric – but realized that the smart thing to do was to wait until I had more time after Luke’s birthday.

fabric birthday book

My goal was to finish it before our family vacation in July, so that Luke had something fun to look at in the car. Well, as things normally go, I was whipping it out the night before we left. So Ian did get to deal with a little crazy.

fabric birthday book

It’s shorter and smaller, mostly for my sanity. There are pages about when he was a newborn, his grandparents, and his favorite things to do. And there are definitely sewing mistakes, but as I kept telling myself: this book is for a one year old; he’s not checking the stitches. Overall, I love how it turned out.

fabric birthday book

And Luke, he adores it!

Checking out the book during our family vacation in July.

The details:

  • I used a printable photo fabric from the craft store – I think it was actually this one. You just run it through your inkjet printer, let it dry, rinse it and it’s ready to go! I was a little nervous about it, but it worked just like it said it would. Some of the photos did get a little faded after the rinse, but I was pleased that nothing looked smeared – even the typed captions are crystal clear.
  • I chose three fabrics (I just picked up some fat quarters and cut them down) and created a page spread out of each (so once I ran the binding down the center, each fabric had 4 pages to it). Each page spread had a layer of light quilt batting in it to give it some weight. I just ran a couple seams down the middle to bind the three spreads together.

One thought on “luke’s birthday book

  1. What a beautiful thing to make and give. I’ve often wondered about printing onto fabric. Too scared to mess up my printer if I’m honest. But I love so much what you have created here. and your son will cherish this all of his life for sure 🙂

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