ten on ten: september 2012

seven: Coffee. Needed.

eight: A little work. A little more coffee.

nine: Still working and enjoying the sedum next to me.

ten: I am always slow to adjust to temperature changes.
The morning temperature drops in the fall always get me.
When my cold feet were distracting me from my work,
my winter slippers made an early appearance.

eleven: Ian and I enjoyed some down time while Luke finished his nap.

twelve: Happy boy with his hummus sandwich.

one: Packing up to run some errands.

two: Checking out some stuff at Lowes. We’ve decided to tackle our laundry room.

three: Still at Lowes. And this little boy?
Well, he’s doing a good job finding all the trouble he can get into.

four: Menchies for Ian’s {belated} birthday treat.
Before you get jealous, imagine enjoying some froyo with a whining/screaming toddler next to you the whole time. And yes, there was ample stickiness and items thrown to the ground, also due to said toddler.

But that was my day.
And it was great.


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