ten on ten: august 2012

I’ve found myself worrying about the future a lot over the last few days.

Our family is facing some changes and unknowns. We balance the “how is this going to work?” with the hope that I’ll find a new job before I leave my current position, a new job that will be a perfect fit.

Ultimately, we have to trust that God is guiding our family, and we just need to take faithful steps in whatever direction he leads, and at the pace he sets. And you know what? He has never let me down. I am over-the-top blessed, and that’s why it’s ridiculous to waste time worrying.

So my game plan for today was to choose gratefulness over worry. To help keep me on track and present in the  moment, I decided to link up with this month’s ten on ten.

seven: A few moments of crafting to the sounds of Luke babbling as he wakes up.

eight: Clean diapers for a new day. And a great helper, too.

nine: Loading the dishwasher. not my fave task, but satisfying to complete.

ten: mmm, homemade yogurt.

eleven: I love when Luke curls up and drinks his bottle in my lap. It feels like he’s still a little baby (and he actually sits still for more than 10 seconds).

twelve: Costco Gas. We were rocking out to Caspar Babypants while we waited.

one: We shared a nectarine at lunch. It was juicy and yummy.

two: I finally remembered to pull the pizza dough out of the freezer.

three: Lately I’ve been going through almost a whole pitcher of iced tea a day. Yep.

four: His laugh melts me in seconds.

That was my day.
And it was great.


8 thoughts on “ten on ten: august 2012

  1. This blog reminds me of a book i am reading called “one thousand gifts”. It is always refreshing to the soul to give God the glory for all things!

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