family vacay to sequim

We quickly named this vacation “the trip of the pointing finger,” as Luke is really into pointing at everything he sees these days. This photo was taken outside of Port Angeles, where we stopped to check out some tide pools.

We took off for 5 days last week to go on our first real family vacation. We chose Sequim because it’s pretty chill – there were short day ventures that we wanted to do, but still plenty of time to keep Luke rested and us relaxed.

Luke was ecstatic to spend so much time together as a family, and he was especially wanting time with daddy this week. They were really in sync with each other, as evidenced by their matching expressions on the ferry ride…

Ian found us an awesome little place right on the straight. It was perfect – quiet with a great view, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen, and lots of open space for Luke to crawl around and explore.

The view from the living room in the morning.

Luke hanging out with his toys – I’ll be writing about his fabric photo book soon!

We checked out the Dungeness Spit one afternoon. Luke loved playing in the sand and getting his feet wet.

We also drove up to Hurricane Ridge. The views were beautiful – we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I was reminded of that, not only by the scenery, but also by the ridiculous photo-taking of a scruffy looking deer. I always wonder where those people are from…

Tourists go crazy over a deer sighting.

Family photo!

Luke exploring with dad.

Sequim will host its annual lavender festival soon, as they have many lavender farms. We stopped in at one to look around. When I see these pictures, I realize how big Luke is getting!

I look like I need a nap.

One of the things I was super excited about doing was going to the Olympic Game Farm. I went with my family when I was younger and I remember laughing so hard. It’s this crazy little farm that has animals that have been used in movies, and you drive through in your car and feed them through your window. I’m not even joking – elk, bison, llamas, yaks – they come right up to your car for bread. I laughed just as hard going through this time, especially when two bison were trying to stick their heads in our car and Ian was yelling “wifey!” while Luke sat on his lap looking somewhat perplexed by the situation. It was so much fun, and our car still has some lick marks on the doors and windows.

Luke spots a prairie dog.

Bison eye.

They also had a small freshwater aquarium, which Luke enjoyed.

More pointing…

One of our last stops in Port Townsend before taking the ferry home was at Dogs-A-Foot, a yummy little hot dog stand! Also, there was a thunderstorm passing through, which made it extra awesome.

So all in all, it was a great family vacation! We all had fun, got quality time together and had a chance to relax.

Summer is in full swing around here, but I’ll try to be back soon to talk about the two fabric books I’ve recently made for Luke! Until then, enjoy the sunshine!


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