luke’s monthly photos

I mentioned in my last post that during Luke’s first year we took monthly photos with his alphabet blocks. Some of you have asked about them, so I decided to do a quick post of all the pictures.

I knew that I wanted to take a series of photos to show Luke’s growth, and we decided it’d be fun to have his alphabet blocks spelling out the month in each one. I didn’t want to be super uptight about each one being exactly the same as far as set up, lighting, etc., and that was a good decision, seeing as the majority of these photos occurred on a Sunday morning when I was still in my pajamas, dancing around trying to get Luke to smile. Not exactly an environment for perfection. So without further ado, here is Luke from month to month!

1 month old – July 2011

It’s hard to even remember him with skinny little newborn legs!
But those are my boy’s bright eyes for sure.

2 months old – August 2011

You can see that little man is gaining weight just fine and he’s starting to get some chub on his legs. πŸ™‚

3 months old – September 2011

Ah, the age where we could get consistent smiles. πŸ™‚
Such a sweetie, even as a little guy.

4 months old – October 2011

He looks a little unsure in this photo, but I remember his little personality starting to emerge a lot at this age. He also observed everything around him with great intensity, so that may be what’s going on in this photo.

5 months old – November 2011

Sweet boy was always giving those shy little smiles at this age.
This is also when he started to feel really heavy. He was solid.

6 months old – December 2011

6 months was a fun age – he was so happy and loved watching everything we did.

7 months old – January 2012

Look at that tummy!

8 months old – February 2012

Up until this month, he had been fairly easily distracted for the photo.
This month, we were able to get him to clap the blocks together just long enough to snap a picture.

9 months old – March 2012

He’s definitely looking a lot more like he does now – his little smile steals a lot of hearts.

10 months old – April 2012

Photo shoots were really getting wild at this point.
Lots of dancing around on mama’s part.

11 months old – May 2012

I’m sure he’s laughing at mama acting like a fool.
Actually, I was laughing too – he had just grabbed the blocks, and the first time I set them back up I missed the “N,” and Ian kept saying “11 moths!” which really made me laugh.

12 months – June 2012

This photo totally captures him at this age – so happy he’s almost beside himself.
Also, he’s really into the song “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”

So there you have it – 12 months of our little Luke. He’s grown so much, and while at times I miss the snuggly little newborn he was a year ago, I’m mostly excited to see his personality and skills develop. He’s such a fun little guy.


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