eleven things on the eleventh

11 things on my mind today…

1. Jon Foreman’s Spring is my album of the moment.
Your Love is Strong is the song I play over and over and over.

2.  A trip to Value Village secured the goods I needed to begin yet another craft endeavor – hopefully a simple project, but it has the potential to go awry.
{follow up post to come, hopefully as soon as this weekend!}

3. People watching at Costco always amuses me. Fave quote of the day: “Why did you lie to daddy about biting your arm?”

4. All Luke wants to do is be assisted in standing up.

5. When he’s not standing up (okay, and sometimes when he is), he’s eating cheerios. I’m pretty sure he would eat an entire box if given the opportunity.

6. Our church has officially been around for 3 years, and our launch team was meeting together even before that. Crazy! It feels like we’ve been together awhile, but 3 years seems to have flown by!

7. When we decided to adopt, we knew we would be open to a baby of any racial background. What I didn’t expect was that our baby would be translucent. Seriously, who knew you could even be more pale than Ian and I?!

Photo Credit: Evantide Photography

8. Did I mention that Luke and I discovered a giant slide at a nearby playground?
I was super pumped, but Luke was very casual about the whole thing. He was more intrigued by the rusty bolt and gravel at the top of the slide. Of course.

9. I’m thankful that we were able to find a rug to go in Lukey’s room! Much better than laminate for a little guy that’s trying to be mobile.

10. Luke is 10 months old. Insane.

11. I can’t stop laughing about this photo. The bunny ears belong to Luke’s older cousin Wes, who is obviously old enough to run away from anyone trying to stick those ears on him.


5 thoughts on “eleven things on the eleventh

  1. 1. Those bunny ears just about killed me! Poor Luke looks like he’s plotting revenge on whoever stuck them on his head 🙂

    2. Never mind the children–I want to go down the giant slide!

    3. I have some relatives (ahem… self) who might be able to take you in translucence category… but vampire-worthy skin tones aside, you’ve got a cute family!

    • 1. Yeah, it’s definitely a “look.”
      2. The giant slide may actually be intended for children… it took some major arm strength to continually propel Luke and I down the slide… not the smooth gliding I was anticipating.
      3. I do remember we’ve had some rather pasty-white looking photos of you and I too, now that I think of it…

  2. Nobunny looks better than Luke with big ears (except me maybe). What is behind you in the family photo? And I love the “big slide” photo, it makes the slide look like it is a mile long!

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