projects, projects, projects (or confessions of an istj)

I like being an ISTJ. (I’m talking about the Myers-Briggs, here folks). I am a strong J. I like to have decisions made, I like a logical sequence and plan in completing projects, and I like to get things DONE.

Whenever I talk about the Myers-Briggs to people, I try to stress that these personality types are just tendencies or preferences – it’s not a box that every part of you fits into perfectly.

Occasionally I remember to give myself that talk.

The truth is, I almost always have multiple craft projects going on in my life these days, despite my usual preference to work on one project at a time.

Even as a little girl, I was big into playing with one thing at a time. I would haul all my Barbies out and play with them intensely for a week. Then I would pack them up, put them away, and set up my Legos to play with for the next week. I liked keeping things neat and separate and complete, so I could focus my attention on one thing at a time.

So how did I end up with a half finished project for Luke, a newly started crocheted blanket (that will probably take me YEARS to complete, even if it was my only project), a partly finished project for a friend, an almost-done recycled t-shirt bib, material cut out for a purse pattern, a whole pile of old t-shirts to turn into cleaning rags – not to mention that inspiration for a new project strikes me literally every day?

It messes with me sometimes, I admit. But it’s also good for me – it helps keep my creativity and passion for each project fresh. If I’m sick of crocheting the same stitches over and over, I can switch to embroidering instead of pressing on and not enjoying it.

Still… sometimes I long for the single-minded dedication to one project. But with a kiddo and work and life, honestly I’m just happy to get any crafting done that I can.

What about you – are you a multi-project person or do you stick with one project until it’s done?


2 thoughts on “projects, projects, projects (or confessions of an istj)

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