happy tidbits

Oh man. There are so many things that gave me extra smiles today.

1. Tomorrow is leap day! That doesn’t happen every year, you know.

2. I get to see / have seen a bunch of friends this week – friends that I don’t get to see often.

3. Super fun news from other friends.

4. Baby sunglasses.
The sun made a legit appearance in our backyard yesterday, and Luke was pleased.

5. My husband often makes the bed after I leave for work. How great is he?

6. Meal planning. Call me crazy, but I love being domestic. And organized.
March planning, look out!

7. This hilarious dish soap Ian found for me. I really love the Palmolive Pure + Clear, and Ian found it at Deals Only for cheap a long time ago and stocked up. Finally we ran out and I asked him to look for more. He came home with a couple bottles of this stuff, and it really makes me laugh. It is actually really similar to Pure + Clear, so I love it, but I find it hilarious that they market special “baby” soap. As if normal dish soap doesn’t work on “milk and food residue.”

8. My piano, and the fact that baby boo loves it so much. He pretty much insists on playing it every night before dinner. His favorite method is to grab my pointer fingers and play single keys with them. He has even played a scale. Musical genius, I tell you.

What made you smile today?


4 thoughts on “happy tidbits

  1. YOU make me smile!

    Your calendar cracks me up and I have two questions:
    1. Do the different colors mean anything?
    2. What have you been eating this week? There is nothing listed for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, should we be concerned? 😀

    • 1. Of COURSE they mean something, I’m anal like that. Although sometimes I forget from month to month after I erase it and they change… but purple = making that night; blue = leftovers; pink = someone else making a meal at our house (okay, it’s always our parents – after they babysit Luke all day, we’re so spoiled!); green = a meal at someone’s house or church; orange = easy meals like grilled cheese sandwiches or chicken strips; black = eating out. Complicated? Maybe a little, but I like colors!
      2. Water only this week. No, things shifted – my mom came up to babysit last Friday to fill in last minute, but we had split pea soup on the menu. Since she is not a fan of split pea, and did come up to watch our kiddo, we made other stuff and bumped the split pea soup to this week. TMI? Maybe. But you asked.

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