slowing down

It’s true that baby boo is on the mend… but mama keeps getting sick. This scratchy throat and headache business is cold #3 of 2012 for me – seriously!?

No doubt I’m getting my fair share of germs from the kiddo, my work, etc. But I’m thinking I might also need to slow down a bit. You know, make sure I’m drinking enough water. Getting enough sleep. The simple things that keep a body strong.

Today has been good for slowing down. Listening to a little Andrew Peterson, cooking and pureeing some pears for Luke, and enjoying a peaceful day. There may even be time for a cup of tea before heading off to church this evening.

It’s good to slow down and enjoy the goodness that God has blessed us with – join me?


3 thoughts on “slowing down

    • I knew this would be trouble!! He got A LOT of attention there, he was beaming when I picked him up. Maybe when it warms up a little more you and Luke can plan a stroller date for one of your walks. 🙂

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