feeling better

After a few days of a bad cold followed by an ear infection in both ears, baby boy is now on the mend. Still not completely back to his happy, content self, but much closer than the clingy, whiny mess that he was over the last few days. You could tell he wasn’t feeling well at all.

And oh my – carrying 21.5 lbs of that boy around all.the.time sure takes its toll. I’m definitely feeling it in a number of muscles. Thankfully he loved snuggling in the Moby wrap, so at least my arms got a break sometimes.

moby wrap

Yep, super flattering photo of both of us. Hey, he was sick and I was sleep-deprived, what can I say, we were making it work.

Did you all have a good Valentines Day? We did – mostly because Luke was feeling a lot better. It was still super low key (we definitely wore our pajama pants the whole evening) but still special. Ian made our traditional v-day meal of steak, fried potatoes and asparagus (okay, normally we do green beans, but we were craving asparagus this time) and Luke happily joined us at the dinner table while we ate.

After dinner, we put Luke down and enjoyed a glass of wine and nanaimo bars (mmm!) while watching Hitch. I forgot how funny that movie is. Also, it just brings back great memories of the first time we saw it. Ian was visiting me in Montana, and the Kalispell drive-in theater was showing a double feature with Hitch and Sahara. We enjoyed Hitch but both of us fell asleep pretty quickly into Sahara – not because we didn’t like it, but it was late and we were tired. We must have been seriously sound asleep, because we woke up to a guy knocking on our window to wake us up. Ian’s reaction still makes me laugh – he popped his seat up, started the car, and we were on our way within seconds. I think it was just the shock of it all, and the fear that maybe we were holding up a line of cars trying to get out. Good times.

I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by. Did you know Ash Wednesday is next week? Are any of you celebrating Lent – giving something up or setting aside special time for reflection? I’m thinking through what I’d like to do this year – let me know if you’ve done something in the past that’s been helpful in your walk with Jesus, or what you plan to do this year!


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