luke’s birth announcement wall hanging

crewel birth announcement wall hanging embroidery

Even before Luke came into the picture, I knew that I wanted a handmade birth announcement to hang on his wall. My oma (my mom’s mom) had cross-stitched one for me, and I wanted my baby to have one made by his or her oma. I love my mom’s crewel embroidery, so I wanted her to embroider the announcement. The only catch was that there were few patterns or kits to be found, and nothing really impressed me. So I decided that we would just have to make our own design.

crewel crewel yarn emboridery

I got out Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection, which has so many cute patterns that fit my style, and perused her collection of woodland critters. The awesome thing about the book is that it comes with a cd of the digital files, so you can resize, rotate and tilt the designs exactly how you want them. I came up with a good layout, printed it off, then traced it with a washable marking pen onto some linen.

The main difference between crewel embroidery and traditional embroidery is that instead of embroidery floss, you use crewel wool yarn. That presented the next problem – none of our local craft or yarn stores carried any. Luckily, there is this great store in Yakima, WA called the Wooly Thread, and they carry all of the colors for great prices. We ended up getting a few of the seasonal packs, and it was perfect. I marked the pattern with the color numbers, and it was all set for my mom to take over!

  crewel crewel yarn embroidery

We had no idea how long our adoption process would take, or how much notice we would have before baby arrived, so I told her she better get started! She spent some time working on it on our annual Leavenworth getaway weekend, and then did bits and pieces here and there. And as it turned out, only a couple months after completing our paperwork, we became instant parents! With the pressure on, she finished it in time to give it to me at my family baby shower last fall.

It turned out SO great, even better than I expected! Though my mom would never admit to being crafty, she is awesome at crewel embroidery, and I’m so happy she made this for Luke. It looks great in his bedroom too!

nursery birth announcement wall hanging embroidery woodland

crewel embroidery birth announcement

Are there any sentimental things you’ve made or want to make for your kids? I love this tradition and plan to have one for each of my kids, if we have more – so don’t get too comfortable, mom, there may be more to do! 🙂


2 thoughts on “luke’s birth announcement wall hanging

  1. AWESOME!!! I absolutely love homemade stuff that can help us remember those we love today and in the future! You do have too much time on your hands though….

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