owls to love

Man, owls are seriously the new hedgehogs in my life. You may recall I’ve mentioned my owl obsession before. Well, it’s only grown bigger, because I got a bunch of owl gifts for Christmas! So fun!  [I am still a huge hedgehog fan, in case you were wondering. In fact, woodland critters in general make me happy.]

I also made a few owl gifts this Christmas, including these little felt ornaments from the pattern in Fa la la la Felt:

I really love crafting books, because they do the hard work of coming up with a good pattern and I get to do the fun stuff – the details! The pattern called for buttons, but I only had some beads. And I switched up colors and stitching details too.

Luke was very interested in trying to grab these, so I decided to make him a little stuffed owl. He always gives a big smile when we pull it out, so I’m pretty sure he’s an owl fan too (it may have something to do with his woodland-themed room, I’m not sure…).

It makes my heart very happy to see Luke enjoy his first mama-crafted toy. I’m sure there are more to come.

What do you think? Are owls the new hedgehogs, or will my prickly friends make a comeback in the mainstream market?


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