12 days of crafting: potato prints

From December 1-12, I’ll be blogging about some of my favorite crafting methods and projects. Hopefully you will be inspired to craft some Christmas gifts or handmade decor for your own home!

Day 12: Potato Prints

Wow, it’s already the last day of my crafting series! It’s been fun getting to share some of my favorite ideas for gifts and decorations, and I hope you enjoyed it too!

For my last project, I thought I’d tell you a little about potato prints. I remember doing an art project with potato prints in fifth grade, and guess what – it’s still fun!

You will need:

  • a potato
  • a cutting tool
  • a surface to print on (paper, fabric/clothing, whatever you want to decorate!)
  • paint suitable for your surface (acrylic or fabric paint)
  • an old plate or paper plate to pour your paint on

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Cut your potato in half so you have a flat surface to work with. If you’re doing small designs, you can cut it up into smaller pieces – just make sure they each have a flat side.
  2. Carve your design into the potato – carve away the parts you DON’T want printed. Remember to reverse the image if you want it to face a certain way or if you are carving words.
  3. Pour a thin layer of paint on a plate, stamp your potato in there and print it on your surface (be sure to test it on a scrap first! You can always touch up your carving if necessary).

Last Christmas I made “Little Scraps of Joy” – little scrap papers with simple potato prints (I boxed them up all cute-like too).

Letting the prints dry. They’re in little piles because I would stamp them in sets of five – I’d only dip the potato in the paint once, so each print got a little lighter, for some variety.

I only had a paring knife, so the designs were very basic with little detail:

What would work great as a carving tool is those pumpkin carving kit tools – unfortunately I was too late in hunting one down last year. But luckily for me, for my birthday Ian gave me a printing kit that came with a legit carving tool, which is a lot easier – and allows for more detail, like this onesie I made for Luke.

So there you go! Potato printing is great for so many things – gift wrap, note cards or stationary, shirts, onesies, bags, dish towels, cloth napkins, place mats and anything else you can print on. It’s fun for kiddos to do too (not the cutting part, but the printing!).

I think a great Christmas gift (or for yourself!) would be a set of printed cloth napkins – just a simple “joy” or Christmas tree print centered at the bottom… I can see it now! So get printing, potato-style!

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