12 days of crafting: yarn-wrapped jars

From December 1-12, I’ll be blogging about some of my favorite crafting methods and projects. Hopefully you will be inspired to craft some Christmas gifts or handmade decor for your own home!

Day 11: Yarn-Wrapped Jars

Another easy project for decorating or for giving! I love these for the same reason I love amirugumi and the yarn garland – you can make them with the inexpensive yarn, like Red Heart brand. Seriously, yarn can be pricey, so I love projects that work with the cheap-o stuff!

I made a couple smaller mason jar candle holders, but you could also wrap bottles or other jars up and use them as vases.

All you need:

  • some yarn
  • jars or bottles (depending on what you are making)
  • glue (optional)

All you do:

Wrap the jar the way you like!

  • Do the whole thing, or just part of it.
  • You can use more than one color and do stripes.
  • Experiment with wrapping technique – I wanted a more natural wrap, so I just tucked in the tails. You can see that the yarn criss-crosses in some places too; it’s not a perfect wrap. If you want it to be more uniform and even, you could use glue and carefully wrap the yarn in straight lines.
  • Embellish – add a little felt flower for a little something extra.
  • Make a pair (that’s what I did) or a set. Wouldn’t it be cute to do a set of 5 smaller vases in complimenting colors? Yes, it would!

Check your recycle bin for bottle or jar candidates, and wrap away! I told you crafting could be super easy!

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