get ready…

…for some crazy blogging action.

See, a lot of the blogs I read have been talking about Christmas stuff for weeks now. Weeks. I am just not that on top of things – in my little blog or in real life. Plus, I really like to keep Christmas celebrations for the actual advent season. In fact, we just decorated our house last night!

Since I have lots of fun, crafty ideas floating in my head all the time, and I thought to myself, “what better time to share them than at Christmas?”

So starting tomorrow, I will be gifting you with…

That’s right, folks: 12 straight days of wonderful crafty blogging. There will be some ideas for Christmas gifts to make, and some fun Christmas decoration projects – it will be a mix of tutorials and general crafting techniques to help you craft your way to a handmade Christmas! And let’s face it – it’s not unusual for me to be crafting gifts at the last minute, so I suspect that there are many more people out there that still need some inspiration for good gifts. I’m here to help!

So call your friends, click that nifty little “sign me up” subscription button on the right, add me to your blog reader or shout it from the roof tops – you won’t want to miss it; crafty Christmas fun is about to begin!


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