halloween fun and my slight owl obsession

I am not a huge Halloween fan, but this turned out to be a very fun Halloween. First of all, there was our little owl.

He is seriously too cute. I wasn’t even going to dress him up, but a couple weeks ago my coworker and I were talking about it, and got inspired to make him an owl costume. And thankfully it came together fairly painlessly (well, there was an incident where my thumb got pinned down by my sewing machine – luckily not the needle part – and Ian actually had to come free me, but other than that, it was painless). I sewed rows of felt feathers onto a brown onesie, sewed on some felt wings to the tops of the sleeves, and crocheted a hat. I machine sewed the eyes and beak onto the hat, which made me nervous, but actually went just fine.

And there was motivation to get this costume done – our friends Meg and Aaron of Evantide Photography were throwing their annual Halloween costume photo shoot! They are pretty much the coolest photographers ever – they opened their studio up for a couple hours to take fun pics of the kiddos while raising money for the Lighthouse Mission. Win-win!

So back to our little owl…

Yep, still cute.

We had a family day today – so fun! Luke decided that I should get up at 5:30, which ended up being okay because he took a long nap a couple hours later, which meant that I had time to make the pumpkin muffins I had been craving.

They’re actually pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, yum.

After Luke woke up from his nap, we carved our pumpkin together. He supervised his dad.

And yes, we carved an owl.

I might be slightly into owls these days…


Owl candle holder was a Fred Meyer find last year, owl lip gloss was a great gift from my friend Laura, felted owl from my crafty friend Corinne.

Owls. I love them.

To top our day off, we stopped by at our friends’ house for some pre-trick-or-treating fun. Our church has had 6 baby boys born since June, not to mention a whole crew of toddlers, so gatherings are always exciting. After the bigger kids headed out to get candy, we snapped a quick pic of the babies that were there – one little guy a couple months younger than Luke, and twins that were born one week earlier.

Happy Halloween!


8 thoughts on “halloween fun and my slight owl obsession

  1. I totally agree that Luke is just too cute!!! Well done on the costume!! I don’t think your sewing skills ever extended to our family…I am impressed! Luke is growing so fast and looks like he’s getting quite the personality!

  2. Sara, yep – you’re absolutely right! He is too cute! I am so impressed with the costume you made too! You are so creative!

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