outings with a four-month old

Sometimes we just laugh at little Luke. He is a sweet boy and is generally happy going places with us, so we decided to do a little family outing to Bellewood Acres last weekend. Ian and I enjoy doing things like this anyways (plus we really wanted some apple cider and honeycrisp apples), and were extra excited to be going as a family of three.

When we got there, he was a little on the fussy side (probably because I immediately tried to pose him for photos, as evidenced above), so when one of the workers asked if we wanted to go on the little train ride through the orchard and to the pumpkin field, I replied “I don’t know, it might be kind of risky…” And he got really serious and said “I really don’t go that fast, and you can hold him in your lap…” and I clarified that I meant risky mood-wise, not safety-wise (then I got the giggles about that miscommunication for awhile).

After a minute we decided to give it a go. And little boy liked it – he just bounced on our laps and stared at the trees we passed.

Once we got to the pumpkin patch, we decided “heck, why not get off, he’s doing great.”

And of course as soon as the train pulled away, Luke started crying. So we wandered the pumpkins singing his current favorite song (“My Favorite Things” – I swear I didn’t push it on him! He just loves it!) and by the time we found the pumpkins we wanted, he started to doze off. And the train ride back solidified his sleep.

So Ian and I had fun… and we like to project that onto Luke as well. Next year, he may actually know what’s going on, and that will make it even more fun.


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