a more welcoming entrance

Pretty much since we’ve been in our house, I’ve been talking about putting in a path from the street to our front door. Not only would it be handy for getting the mail, but it would make things way less awkward when people visit. Some people are willing to walk across the lawn, but most go all the way around to the driveway, and squeeze their way past our cars to get to our front walk. Anyways, it wasn’t exactly a priority when we were living with a semi-complete bathroom and no real kitchen. And last summer we did so much to the yard, including a nice back patio. So the front path finally made the to-do list this summer – one of two things we were going to do “before the baby came.” Right. Well, we committed to doing it Labor Day weekend. My mom had a furlough day off of work on Friday, so she volunteered to come up for a couple days to watch Luke while we worked. This project came together so quickly, it was very gratifying!

We knew from previous experience that spending a little money to rent a sod cutter for a few hours would be well worth it! Ian had the sod cut in a matter of minutes versus hours of us digging it up.


We hauled off the sod, raked it fairly level, put down landscaping fabric, sand and added the pavers (yeah…no pictures of that part). Meanwhile, Luke supervised, which proved to be very tiring for the little guy…

The next day we looked at our mulch options. I really wanted something unique – I had my heart set on cocoa husks that I had seen at Sky Nursery in Shoreline last year. But none of the local nurseries carry it, and in the end it was probably not the best choice because it can make dogs sick. So we went with beauty bark (the bane of my childhood – every.single.summer we spread it in our yard). And I will say that I love the end result.

The view from the street, before and after:

Looking at our house from the street - before

Looking at our house from the street - after

The view from our front door, before and after:


So happy to see this project done! And the view from the kitchen window is nicer now too. It was a fun project, and we were thankful that it came together so quickly. Now we just need to get some steps made from our living room door to the patio…


9 thoughts on “a more welcoming entrance

    • Good question! We wanted to shaped it around the garden bed, so that [once we fix it up more] it will be a nice stroll up to the house rather than a straight dash through the yard. The bottom of the path is also centered between the two big trees at the bottom of our yard (our front door is not so symmetrical). So that was our reasoning!

  1. 3 things…
    1. The path looks AMAZING! Such a welcoming addition to your entrance… I love it.
    2. This makes renews my determination to continue pursuing the plan to make a path through the lawn to our porch from the parking area because it IS a good idea.
    3. How did I not know you had a blog?! Nice work!

    • Seriously, it’s worth it – I bet you guys could whip it out in a day! We could have, if we had time to do some planning/buying ahead of time.

      And yes, just started blogging again! I am also working on Janelle to get her to start blogging her adventures again – you should too!! Please!?!?

  2. Bark was the bane of my childhood too! Falling out of a tree onto bark doesn’t feel so good 🙂 But I have to say, this really does look nice. Well done!

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