Ferndale Street Festival 2011

We have a special spot in our heart for the Ferndale Street Festival. When our offer was still pending on our house, we brought Ian’s mom up to see it, and it happened to be the weekend of the street festival. We stopped by and browsed on our way out of town. There were fun jewelry and craft vendors, and it had a nice small community feel – it made me happy that we would be living in Ferndale.

Last summer we went again and had a great time. This year when I saw the sign, there was one random memory from last year that stuck out in my mind. And when Ian and I were talking about going, it surprised me that he was remembering the same thing: “Remember last year how we saw that dad wearing his kid in an Ergo?” Both of us remembered seeing and talking about them – there wasn’t anything significant about them, but at the time we were so looking forward to becoming parents. We were filling out adoption paperwork by then, but we didn’t know how long it would be until we had a kiddo of our own. And this year, Ian got to be a dad wearing a baby. Our baby!

Really, Luke is in there! We had to shade the little guy! We had fun grabbing lunch and browsing the different booths. We chose some roasted cinnamon sugar pecans for a treat (mmm… really need to make some more!).


It was a fun little family outing. Luke may not have known what was going on, but we enjoyed being there as a family of three!


2 thoughts on “Ferndale Street Festival 2011

  1. We LOVE this too. We should go together next year. Do you guys ever go to the parade during Pioneer Days? That was the event that made Ferndale “home” for me!

    • We’ve actually never been to any of Pioneer Days (embarrassing to admit) but we are hoping to change that! Also Ian just brought up the fact that Clover and Luke will be in the same grade and I got super excited. 🙂

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